Perfect days

These last couple of days have just simply been great! I don´t even know where to start! I though my year here in the states already was perfect, but it´s true as they say, the best is always at the end! I have been in the US for 7 months now, and only got 3 months left! These last 3 months are gonna be PERFECTION! I just know it!

Well lets start with I really miss Hawaii and all the amazing people I got to know there! I really, truly love them all, and that must´ve been one of the best weeks in my whole entire life! I would do anything to go back with the same group of people and relive our entire trip! So yes, i had a few ups and downs when I came back to Oklahoma, I even teared up one or two times! I haven cried once because I was homesick, sad or anything like that, but something just made me ball when I saw all the pictures from Hawaii and talked to the guys through facebook or skype. But we´ll all meet again, reunion next summer is already scheduled!

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So, this friday, I had a banquet/formal to attend with my date, Carlos. The whole theme was Hawaii (which kinda brought back memories from the week before), and was beautifully set up! We had food, a show and dessert! Afterwards, we went and watched a movie, and that was the ending of a great friday. It was an awesome start of the weekend, and it really was an awesome evening!


Saturday, I woke up kinda late, and got ready. Hunter came and picked me up and me, him, Alec, Caitlyn and Moe went to the Phillbrook Museum! They had a really nice art collection and it was a lot of fun! My favorites were probably the african art and the modern art ! It was really neat!

After the Museum, we went to down-town Tulsa, to this grunchy looking coffehouse, The Phoenix, were I ordered Green Tea and probably the best sandwich I have ever had my entire life! YUM! I really loved the cafe, and we will definitely have to go there again!

So I came home, and got ready to go again, this time, to Dalton´s house to watch UFC/fighting! It was AWESOME! haha It was my first UFC fight, and it was actually pretty cool! I would totally watch that again ! Then me, Dalton and Hunter (Dalton´s brother) went to one of the neighbors house, were we sat and talked the rest of the evening! They were really awesome people and told me a lot of cool «okie» stuff to do! Haha like going to «cry baby bridge» or «cow tipping». We also exchanged a lot of ghost stories, so guess if I slept well that night? Haha NOPE! But it was a lot of fun and I had a blast! It was definitely something that we would have to repeat!

Sunday, I took my sister out for lunch at Chillis and frappuchinos at Starbucks! YumYum! Haha. We were gone for 3 hours and it was nice! Later that evening me, her and mom put on Pitch Perfect and had a movie night! It was really nice! Next saturday I promised my sister we would have a me & her day, where we can go to the mall, and we´ll see what else we do, maybe watch some more Harry Potter movies in the evening? I am definitely looking forward to it!

Monday was schoolday, yuck! But i survived, and after school me and Riley went out and took some really sweet pictures in the nice Oklahoma sunset! It was about 60F/20C outside, which of course for a Norwegian means its time to pull out your shorts and tube tops! Cuz its summertime!! Anyways, we took some great pictures, and then got some Ice Cream at the best place ever! Marble Slap, where Megan and Colton work! YUMMY! We got to samle a lot of GOOD icecream so it was a thon of fun! Then we got some food at Taco Bueno and after that we went home! It was really an AWESOME evening! It was so much fun! I would love to do it again!

IMG_0047 IMG_9782 IMG_0170 IMG_0115 IMG_0061 Skjermbilde 2013-03-04 kl. 20.30.06 Skjermbilde 2013-03-04 kl. 20.29.11 IMG_9948 IMG_9855

So what do I have to look forward to now? Saturday I have the sisterday with Michaela! Sunday I have the freakin´ Muse consert!! With Hunter, and I am SO excited!

Leave a comment bellow guys, and goodnight!

Ajla Rashica


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